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I’m Micah, a Jewish, Canadian born Registered Dietitian  and chef living in Northern California, specializing in recipe writing, food photography and story telling through food.

As both a Registered Dietitian and a trained chef, I see food through multiple lenses; as a Dietitian, I can evaluate, create, and tailor recipes and writing to best fit your audience, no matter their dietary preferences, and as a trained chef (from Natural Gourmet Institute, of ICE in New York City), I know the importance of creating recipes that work and taste delicious. My recipes, writing, and work have been seen by  over 30+ million hungry viewers worldwide.

When I’m not in the kitchen creating recipes, I’m an avid runner, traveller (50+ countries and counting!), dog mom, black coffee drinker, and always on the hunt for the perfect carrot cake.

Looking to work together? Check out my WORK WITH ME  page. I work with high-growth startups, multinational brands, community  organizations to create content focused on eating well.


Micah Siva, RD

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Chefs Training Program  (2011)
Institute of culinary education (formerly Natural Gourmet Institute)
New York, NY 
B.Sc Human Nutrition (2012-2015)
Acadia University
Nova Scotia, Canada
Registered Dietitian (2016-Present)
Registered In the USA (California) and previously Canada & UK

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"Food is powerful. It brings communities and families  together.  Food teaches us about culture, about heritage, family ties, and creativity. It brings me back to memories of stirring big pots of matza ball soup with my grandmother, and braiding sweet challah for Friday night dinners.

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With experience living in Canada, The United Kingdom, and United states, in addition to travelling to 50+ countries, i offer a unique perspective to food, wellness, and what it means to build community through food.

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